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Yoga Props

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Although yoga props are not essential when joining my online yoga classes and workshops you may benefit if you use some props, (especially in Yin Yoga) such as:

  • Bolster
  • Blankets

  • Blocks

  • Meditation cushion

  • A Yoga strap

If you do not have these items, there are alternatives that you can use.

Alternatives, if you don’t have a:

  • Bolster – use firm bed pillows which have been folded over or rolled up and tied with a strap/belt for some postures.

  • Blankets – use large bath towels.

  • Blocks – any large thick book would do for some postures.
  • Meditation cushion – there are many different types of meditation cushions, but my favourite is a moon shaped cushion.

  • A yoga strap – you can use a scarf or soft belt.

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