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Find your balance and build more strength – inside and out.

Hi I’m Zanna – Yoga Instructor

I believe anyone can do yoga – and everyone should!
With 20+ years as a Hatha and Yin practitioner, I’ve shared yoga with people from places all over the world
In my yoga classes, we blend gentle movement with gentle instruction – perfect for all ages and abilities.

Members only – Unlimited Yoga

Every week I host 4 LIVE yoga classes via Zoom – Join me on the mat as many times as you like each month for just £25.
When you join as a Member of Zanna Yoga, you can access my library of online yoga classes, so you can practice with me anytime.

Zoom with Zanna

Join me on the mat for group classes or private sessions – LIVE and on demand – from the comfort of your own home.

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Learn at your own pace in my library of online courses – yoga, meditation, breathwork and chakras. 

What They Say

“Lovely Zanna, is one of the most loveliest yogis I’ve ever met. Her ability to cover all aspects of human nature is quite astonishing and truly represents who she is and therefore makes her an incredible teacher and friend.
She has the ability to be precise, technical and exacting on one hand, yet to be warm, nurturing and compassionate on the other.
-Thank you for being a big part of my yoga journey, inspiring me by your teachings, it has completely transformed my yoga practice and teaching for the better.” 💖💖 – Hannah Deakin

I have been doing yoga with Zanna for a couple of years. It’s the one thing I try hard not to miss in my busy week! Why? Zanna’s class is very relaxing and she has taught me a lot about  mind, body and soul in harmony.
Zanna doesn’t just lead a class where we go through moves, but really helps us to understand and appreciate what yoga is, at differently levels. I have run two marathons and a number of half marathons and have incorporated Zanna’s class into my training programme and am convinced the stretching out of tight muscles has kept me injury free! Zanna’s style is inclusive, welcoming and encourages us to try new things at our own pace. I wouldn’t miss it!
.” – Laura Dawson

I would highly recommend Suzannah’s zoom yin yoga and gentle hatha classes. As a person with a health condition, I have restricted movements. Suzannah adapts many positions for me so I can continue to join in with class. I never feel left out. This is very important to me, for both my mental wellbeing as well as helping my physical condition.” – Luisa Pucino


“Zanna lovely Zanna. She is an excellent teacher. She embodies her craft. Strengthen and tone, find release and heal. Search, learn and grow your body, mind and spirit… Magical.” – Jo Gavin

“I have tried different yoga classes but Suzannah’s are the best. I end up with a sense of well being and nicely relaxed. She explains all of the postures clearly and explains what they are good for.  I look forward to Zanna’s classes every week and am never disappointed.” – Helen Babak


“Classes are always extremely relaxing, soothing and sympathetic resulting in greatly improved flexibility, self esteem, mindfulness, reduced stress and improved medical conditions.” – Andrew Barlow

“Zanna provides a truly wonderful Yin class, it’s suitable for those with some experience of yoga postures but with the use of props and aids it can be accessible for most people. (I have a replacement knee & I can still do most of it!) It’s such a relaxing class – just wonderful. I highly recommend it and Zanna is a lovely nurturing holistic teacher.” – Mandy Williams

“I found yoga late in life and wished I had found it sooner. Zanna is a very holistic and talented teacher. I am not that flexible but, the alternative positions Zanna gives the class means that yogis of all ages can participate and not feel at all self conscious. I always look forward to her class and feel very calm afterwards.” – Rita Tanner

“I LOVE Suzannah’s class. I very much look forward to it every week. I have become much more flexible and my pains have eased. Having suffered quite a few falls in the past due to my epilepsy I feel Suzannah’s classes have helped me so much and I feel better mentally and much more relaxed. I can’t say which is my favourite part because it all is! Thank you xx”. – Gemma Mansfield

As Zanna walks into the yoga studio she brings an air of calmness and serenity with her which stays with you during and post class.  Her voice is soothing and she has a very special way about her which makes you really look forward to her classes each week.  Now we have the zoom online class this works in the same way so thank you Zanna 🙏”  –  Janine Soloman

“I have practised yoga for a number of years and found Zanna’s classes after a friend invited me to one saying it was the best class she had been to and she was right!  Zanna’s gentle approach to yoga is accessible to everyone and she gives different options for the yoga poses which can provide more challenges if you feel up to it.  Zanna provides explanations on how the practice is beneficial both for our physical and mental wellbeing.  A truly holistic  approach to yoga!  I look forward to Zanna’s classes every week and would highly recommend them to anyone!
Namaste 💕.” –  Lily Hinton

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