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Class Schedule

Monday   11.30 – 12.45   Gentle Hatha   Book via Mayura Studio

Tuesday   09.30 – 10.30   Yin                     Online Zanna Zoom

Thursday 20.00 – 21.00   Yin                     Online Zanna Zoom

Friday       09.30 – 10.30   Hatha                Online Zanna Zoom

Private 1 to 1 Classes, please contact me direct to arrange.

Zoom codes are in the booking confirmation email.

Class Prices

 Single Online Class – £6.00/Class.

 Concessions (Students & Seniors only) – £3.00/Class.

You can book a single or multiple classes to suit you. Paypal or card.

Private 1 to 1 Classes

1 Hour, Private Zoom Class – £40.00 Paid in advance

1 Hour, Private In person – £50.00 Paid in advance

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My gentle and mindful approach to Hatha Yoga is perfect for beginners, injury recovery, and anyone wanting a less rushed practice.  

I give you time between sequences and poses to focus on the breathe and become conscious of the body.  

My teaching style encourages you to bring awareness to your chakras, nadis and subtle body energy as well as using various breathing technique, interweaving yogic philosophy and always ending with a deeply relaxing meditation. 

You’ll receive Zoom codes to join once registered and booked on the class. 

Yoga props aren’t necessary for Hatha Yoga but some people may want to use them.


Yin Yoga perfectly balances our busy Yang lives, a floor based practice that holds the postures in a passive stretch for 3-5 minutes, it gently stretches the deeper tissues of our ligaments, deep fascia and connective tissue. Yin allows us the opportunity to go within, observe the body and mind to release built up physical, mental and emotional tension. 

A very mindful practice that encourages deep, meditation, contemplation and acceptance. Paying attention to the ebb and flow of the breath, with conscious awareness of all sensations, releasing resistance which allows subtle shifts and balancing of chi flowing through your energy meridians and organs, revealing a profound connection to your true self.

You’ll receive Zoom codes to join once registered and booked on the class.

Yoga props aren’t essential for Yin, but I’d highly recommend using some of them.


I also offer one to one yoga tuition which is more personal and tailor made to the style, pace, length of time you have available and with a focus on what you really want to achieve from your yoga.  How a private 1:1 lesson can help you: 

  • Gain experience in a comfortable environment.
  • Feel more comfortable and less self-conscious.
  • A calm approachable teacher making you feel at ease.
  • Focus on personal goals and needs.
  • Be able to practice yoga anywhere, even at work.
  • Work around your schedule.

You’ll receive Zoom codes to join once registered and booked on the class.

Yoga props aren’t necessary for Yoga, but some people may want to use them.

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