Hi I’m Zanna

I have taught 100s of yogis to enjoy more flexibility, strength and calm.

Blending ancient philosophy with modern techniques, my work centres around the chakras and subtle body energy.

My Approach

With 20+ years as a Hatha & Yin practitioner, I have developed my approachable style as a yoga teacher, mixing gentle movements with gentle instructions – so everyone can take part. 

I’ve experienced the power of this knowledge as a positive guide for life, a path to healing, and the way to find more balance, enjoy more calm and build more strength.

My Qualifications

400+ hours YTT (yoga teacher training)

Hatha Yoga: Mayura Yoga Academy – Paula Mayura, 300hr YTT, IYN.

Yin Yoga: YUJMU – TJ Maher, 100hr YTT, Yoga Alliance.

Grief Support: Taught by David Kessler – founder of grief.com and the worldwide community: Tender Hearts Group.

My Story

Before I was 21, my family broke up, we went through financial struggles and lost our home. Then when I was 22, my mum died of bowel and liver cancer.  These life changing events during my formative years were full of grief and loss, which left me really disorientated. At the same time, my loss ignited a deep desire to understand energy healing.

My journey began with an interest in holistic therapies, and I became a reiki master, reflexologist, massage therapist, crystal and sound healer. 

I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning – I love reading on my subjects and taking interesting courses, as I find they add so much to my own life and the teachings I share. 

Yoga the healing path to Joy

Yoga and meditation were central to finding my path to heal, evolve and reconnect to be my authentic self – more confident, calm and accepting of my past – able to expand my consciousness and become more present.

With this holistic approach, I am able to help my students understand subtle body energy and how it is central to emotional and spiritual well-being.

We don’t use the body to get into a pose,

we use the pose to get into the body”


yoga & meditation teacher since 1998 – creator of YinYoga.com

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