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My yogic journey started in my teens, discovering the chakras and subtle body energy, reading numerous self development books on the mind-body connection, and a growing curiosity in healing crystals and spirituality. Then came university, so more learning and life was good.

Heartache & Loss to Healing

When I turn 20, things drastically changed, with an upsetting family break up, then highly stressful financial struggles, losing our home, and in 1998, aged 22, I lost my mum to bowel & liver cancer.  

These 2 years of trauma and huge life changing events, the grief and multiple losses left me somewhat disorientated, but at the same time ignited a deep desire to understand the universe, and energy healing even more. So my journey continues into holistic therapies, as a Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Masseuse, Crystal and Sound healer and the creation of “The Holistic Rooms” my therapy business.

Fast forward to now

Life got better, I healed and transformed from my loss, grief and trauma with my yoga and my spritual practicies. I met my husband, and had two beautiful boys.  

My regular yoga and meditation practice, developed into a deep desire to teach yoga, and I graduated in 2014,  from Mayura Yoga Academy (300hr YTT, IYN) and have loved teaching and learning ever since. I am happy, grateful and fulfilled, life is good.  There is “Life after Loss”!

Yoga and meditation have enabled me to heal, evolve and reconnect to my true authentic self, to be more confident, content and accepting of my life, my past and of who I am and to expand my consciousness and become more present.  

My gentle approach to Hatha, naturally led me to Yin yoga and studied with TJ Maher – YUJMU, (100hr YTT, Yoga Alliance).

I don’t think I’ll ever stop learning, I love interesting courses or workshops, I find they add so much flavour to my own life and teachings.

Yoga the healing path to Joy

Teaching Hatha and Yin really creates a harmonious Yin/Yang balance in my life. What I love about Yin yoga is the way it allows me to really sink into myself physically, with the time held in the posture I can breathe and mentally explore the body.

To communicate with whatever feedback my body is giving me and encourage a release of any hidden physical tension or a more deeply rooted emotion or belief that no longer serves me. 

I find it fascinating that different postures can shift and balance the flow of energy through the organs and meridians.

Knowing how happy, healthy and balanced I feel with yoga in my life, how it’s healed my traumatic journey, it’s my passion to bring this same sense of wellness to others, especially if they have experienced loss and grief.

I believe through the practice of yoga whichever style or path you take everyone has the ability to reconnect with their true self to find that inner state of calm and peace.   Om Shanti ~ Namaste.

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