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Yoga Lessons In Southend-on-Sea

Relax and rebalance yourself with our Yoga classes in Southend. With over 400 teaching hours Zanna is an expert yoga teacher who is able to help in a range of difference areas. Yoga can be an amazing activity and way of life that can help you to focus on external and inner pain, deal with trauma and bring awareness to the spiritual side of life that is so often ignore in our day to day routine.  

Relaxing Yoga Classes In Southend

Our yoga studio in Southend is a calming place where you will be able to get in touch with your inner Yogi and find peace as you are talked through a sessions with Zanna to focus on a holistic practice that draws attention to your physical, mental and emotion layers.

For the last  7 years Zanna has been developing a style of teaching that allows all students to participate. Whether you are a beginner, have years of practice or have never stepped foot on a yoga mat before, Zanna is able to accommodate at all levels and provide a stimulating and exciting journey to help you on your path

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