This is my word at the moment. It keeps coming to me in my personal yoga practice and my classes.

It resonates so much with this time of year, the idea of letting go like a tree lets go of its’ golden leaves, as it has faith and trust in the new life and renewal to come in spring after the slow dormant winter.

The tree doesn’t anxiously clutch on its leaves, in fear of letting go, it lets the cycle of nature take its course and releases what it no longer needs and surrenders back to the earth.

So with this, I encourage myself to surrender all things which no longer serve me, the negative self chatter, self doubt, etc and try to welcome self care and balance in all areas of life.

So see below my “My 7 top tips for Self Care in September”, how many of these do you already do regularly?  Make it a choice for yourself to add more of these into your daily life.

surrender September

Self care Checklist

Here’s “My 7 top tips for Self Care in September” how many do you already do? 

  1. Eat 3 clean meal daily.
  2. 24-hr Social Media detox.
  3. Meditate for a minimum 10 minutes a day.
  4. Create a Gratitude list.
  5. Practice deep breathing
  6. Exercise and get an early night
  7. Spend time in nature.

Love & Light

Zanna 🕉🙏xxx

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