Remembering my dear mum

The date

So last Sunday 28th March 2021, marks the day mum has been gone 23 years. In the early years I’d be almost counting down the date to this anniversary and be very aware of thoughts like “this time last year…” , but I must admit as the years pass sometimes this anniversary of the 28th March can come and go and I don’t even realise the date has passed until a few days later, then I think, oh well, but I don’t dwell on it. To me this is a sign of healing and a happy place in life. Now I think back fondly of her rather than with any pain.

In this past year, I like many of us I’ve had more time to reflect on life and perhaps how we want to live moving forwards. She has been in my mind of late and it occured to me that as she died when I was 22, I have now lived longer without her than with her. It doesn’t make me sad at all, I am blessed to have had such a wonderful woman to guide me for those years I had with her and to give me enough of what I needed to make me into who I am today.

Loss of any kind can be so painful, but there is “Life after Loss”, it’s just a case of being ready to embrace it. Often the search starts outside of us, but in truth it’s already within us.


Here’s a few lovely photos that bring me joy and I treasure the picture of the two of us on her last New Years Eve 1997.


Death, loss and suffering

Death, loss, and suffering are all natural parts of this wonderful life and the feelings we have are the measure of how much we have loved.


When we can stand back and see/feel the bigger picture of what life is, what we are, that everything is vibration and energy and energy never dies it just transmutes and exists in a different form, then we can understand and heal on a much deeper level.


Now when I think back over the years and how far I have come I really am so grateful for the interests and avenues I had back then which were a huge source of comfort and healing for me.  I already had an interest in yoga, chakras and meditation, and this along with other energy and holistic healing really accellorated my own healing and attitude to life.


Now as a yoga teacher myself I feel very drawn to helping people heal and rediscover themselves and their lives after loss.


Loss doesn’t have to be just death of a loved one, loss of all kinds can be traumatic to us in so many ways. Loss of a home, career, pet, a relationship, your youth, a hobby or sport.  Loss of never having something you always desired, loss of a way of life.  These can affect us deeply on an emotional, mental and physical level and the effects can remain within us for years and decades unless we find nurturing ways to release the pain.

yoga beach


My Chakras and my energy

It was learning about my own energy and my chakras that really allowed me to fully understand where I was holding unresolved issues within.  The more conscious I became the more I could recognise the subtle signs of imbalance and then introduce the methods to balance myself more quickly.  This is what I now love to teach. How to find that love for yourself and life after loss.


Sending love and compassion to all who have felt or continue to feel loss.  The healing will come.


Love Zanna xxx


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